CO2 reductions of up to 97% against the industry standard?
Yep. Leave it to us.

It is well-known that CO2 emissions contribute to global warming and climate change, which can cause significant and severe consequences for the environment, and those that depend on it. The construction industry plays a notable role in the emissions of CO2 globally, and many now recognize the need for changes which will help reduce this.

Through the way in which we handle, treat and recycle the polluted and contaminated masses which are delivered to us, Envir can document dramatic CO2 savings across the board.

A recent study conducted by Menon Economics shows that when using Envir as a partner in Mass Handling, CO2 emissions based on a project of 1000 tons are reduced by almost 50% as of 2022.

Envir is striding towards achieving our goal of ensuring that 0% of masses received go to waste, which would achieve a CO2 saving of 97% compared to industry standards in the same year. We are on track to achieve this feat by 2025.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that this is a huge step towards a sustainable future.