Innovation & risk management

“Playing it safe” and “changing the game”,
all at the same time.

Envir is a knowledge-seeking organisation. We invest countless hours in securing our position at the forefront of the innovation wave in the mass handling industry and each project that we undertake is an opportunity to learn and develop further, along with our collaborations with educational institutions such as Høgskulen på Vestlandet.

Reducing risk by tackling Invasive Alien Species

There are around 1000 alien plant species in Europe, which are estimated to have cost the EU at least €1bn in the last twenty years, and this figure is growing. Knotweed is currently found at 2.7% of all new building projects in Europe and the confirmed presence of knotweed alone can devalue land and property values by 10-15%. The cost associated with not dealing with the problem immediately can scale exponentially, and these costs fall at the feet of landowners and developers.

By innovating the tried-and-tested method of steam-cleaning soil to rid it of invasive alien species (IAS), we have come to a 100% guaranteed, weed-free soil product to replace the current standard: Circular Soil™. In doing this we have perfected a long-used, but previously small-scale steaming process and eliminated all of the risks that came with it, whilst drastically increasing potential for volume.

By removing, cleaning and replacing the soil on a project, huge quantities of CO2 emissions are saved, meaning that the building phase can proceed with total peace of mind and a guarantee of no nasty surprises down the line.