Envir Education

Helping you work smarter, not harder.

Education at Envir

The only way in which we will stay at the forefront of what we do is by making sure that we are always being updated on the latest and greatest knowledge available. Not only this, but also how it directly affects us, our employees and or partners.

Everyone who works within Envir is invited to a monthly lunch seminar held on-site. These seminars are held on a wide range of topics, ranging from role-specific information, to wider industry news and relevant publications. The aim here is to ensure that every Envir employee is aware of the work that we are doing, and just as importantly, why we are doing it.

Partner seminars

We also want to make sure that the employees of our partner organizations know who we are, and what we contribute with. That’s why we also offer to send one of our senior experts to your offices in order to give presentations and seminars about Envir, how we are teaming up and the difference we are making, together. To step up your internal education in collaboration with us, simply get in touch today.


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