Circular Soil™

100% recycled.
100% weed free.
100% documented.

Circular Soil™ is a globally pioneering product for both commercial and residential use. It is produced directly from the polluted and waste masses which are delivered to us at Envir, which have then been passed through our proprietary steam treatment facility. We turn up to 80% of these received masses into guaranteed weed-free, nutrient-rich Circular Soil™ for instant reuse on site, reducing negative environmental impact and saving huge quantities of unnecessary CO2 emissions.

At present, Envir is able to produce 30,000 tonnes of documented Circular Soil™ annually, per treatment plant, which is 30.000 tonnes more than our closest competitor.

Circular Soil™ is highly customisable, and can be used across the construction industry in development, landscaping, amenity, sports grounds and horticultural retail. Circular Soil™ can also be used to create common mixes such as:

  • Park Mix (0mm - 16mm)
  • Green Roof Soils
  • Garden Mix

To date, Envir has delivered custom Circular Soil™ mixes to a number of high profile projects. We were a supplier of Park Mix to the Bybanen Light Rail project in Bergen, Norway, and more recently we suppled nutrient-dense Green Roof Soil to the Haukeland University Hospital roof garden project, also in Bergen, Norway.

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