Making landfill a thing of the past, fast.

A 2021 study conducted by The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (et al) revealed that 98% of excavated massed in Norway went to landfill in 2018.

Envir is an industry-leading partner for the sustainable disposal of construction waste and contaminated masses. By mid 2022 Envir expects to have reduced the volume of received masses sent to landfill by up to 70% against the industry standard, thus actually reducing the number of these harmful sites over time and saving our partners money.

Recent calculations show that reusing masses can reduce CO2 emissions in mass handling by up to 99.95%. Reducing cost, reducing CO2 emissions and reversing negative environmental impact? At Envir we call that a win, win, win. 

Our recycling plant based in Laksevåg, Bergen, is centrally located and has excellent road transport links for efficient entry and exit. Not only this, any masses which we are not able to save due to their high-level of contamination are sent to our own Simonsviken Kai for export and re-use.


Our simple five-step service, explained:

STEP 1 -An action plan that describes the amount and degree of pollution is sent before start-up, in order to provide the right price and the correct downstream solution.

STEP 2 - An agreement is created before the first delivery.

STEP 3 - The received masses are sorted, treated and offered for reuse.

STEP 4 - Our project leader supplies weekly reports (Coming soon: Customer login portal for real-time updates at your convenience).

STEP 5 - A final report is sent with an overview of what has been received during the project.

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