Invasive Species

An issue for humanity that costs 5% of global GDP to manage

Invasive alien species (IAS) are causing large-scale, detrimental effects on both nature and human well-being.

As their name would imply – they are found outside of their natural range, helped by humans to reach their new destination. Generally speaking, where you find people and infrastructure – you will find AIS. They can be transported by any means, including but not limited to: construction, airplanes, cars, and even within the dirt attached to our shoes.

Scarily, IAS are now the second largest driver of species extinctions and the economic costs of eradicating or controlling these species amounts to 5 % of the global GDP.  The need to make sure that these alien species are not spreading any further is clear, but unfortunately the construction industry is a vector for spreading them.

IAS are hiding as seeds, plant fragments and roots, and they are hidden within masses that are transported from one site to another. Here these they can now start establishing within their new site, and will displace the natural species, form impenetrable bushy areas, or cause disease and harm. This is why that we have invested in a state-of-the-art cleaning system for any vehicles that carry unsanitized masses into our depot, before carrying clean masses away.

Envir has developed a scientifically tested method for sanitation that guarantees 100% weed free soils. In this way we take actions both in prevention of spread and in reducing the invasive alien species population simultaneously, leaving our partners to use these sustainable masses in their projects with total peace of mind, and no possibility of financially damaging implications in the future.